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The Rosary of the Mater Dolorosa

September 15 is a special day for Miles Christi: the feast of the Mater Dolorosa—Our Lady of Sorrows. Considering the many graces that Miles Christi has received from our Lord through the mediation of the Mater Dolorosa, how can we

Mater Dolorosa, Cause of our Joy

The devotion that we have in Miles Christi for the Most Blessed Virgin is centered above all on this most beautiful title: Mater Dolorosa, causa nostrae laetitiae – Mother of Sorrows, cause of our joy – whose feast we celebrate

Accustom yourself to praying the Angelus

When John Paul II visited the Italian city of Arezzo, the ‘birthplace’ of the Angelus, he took advantage of the hour of midday to tell us: “This midday pause for a moment of Marian prayer is always so inspirational. It