Our Congregation has its roots and several religious houses in its country of origin, Argentina, in the Archdioceses of La Plata and of Mercedes-Luján, and in the Diocese of San Luis.

The Novitiate and the School of Philosophy for Argentina are situated in the House of Formation San José de Luján (St. Joseph of Lujan), only a few miles away from the National Shrine of Our Lady of Luján. Click here for Miles Christi Argentina.

United States

Miles Christi has communities in the Archdiocese of Detroit and in the Diocese of San Diego, from which our religious members travel to many other areas of the country (as well as to Canada) to preach the Spiritual Exercises and to minister to college students at their places of study.


The first community of Miles Christi in the US was established in October 2000, at the invitation of His Eminence Cardinal Adam Maida, then Archbishop of Detroit.

The Miles Christi Family Center located in South Lyon, Michigan is a hub of activities for all ages, housing Days and Evenings of Recollection, formation groups, daily Mass, young adult activities, and other special events aimed to foster faith and fellowship in all who visit the Center.

At the same location is our house of formation, St. Joseph House. There, young men coming from all parts of the United States initiate the formation process to become religious of Miles Christi. The students begin to live in community life, receive guided spiritual direction and start their studies in humanities and philosophy. They are also introduced to the various apostolates of the Order.


In addition to the preaching of retreats, Days of Recollection, and formation groups, the Miles Christi in California actively serve as chaplains in high schools, colleges and other ministries to evangelize and bring the Faith to youth in the area.


Our religious who are preparing for the priesthood reside in our house of theology—Mater Divinae Sapientiae—in the parish of San Filippo Neri, in Castel Giuliano (Bracciano, Rome). Our students attend classes at the Pontifical Universities in the city of Rome. In this way, the future priests of our Religious Order are given an excellent opportunity to absorb the Roman character (romanitas) and universality of the Church, and to grow in their closeness and love for the Holy Father. Click here for Miles Christi Rome.


Since 2005, our Order has also established a residence in the Archdiocese of Guadalajara, Mexico. Our priests preach Spiritual Exercises retreats for youth as well as for adults in that area, they serve as chaplains in elementary schools and high schools, and offer spiritual direction. Click here for Miles Christi Mexico.