Press Release 2020


We want to inform the public that the Holy Father has decreed the loss of the clerical state of Reverend Roberto Juan Yannuzzi (Founder of Miles Christi), thus culminating the corresponding canonical process initiated in 2016.

The process was initiated by the authorities of Miles Christi, who timely informed the competent authority (the Archdiocese of La Plata, Argentina) of the irregularities, abuse of authority in his governing and sexual abuse with adults committed by Father Yannuzzi. The diocesan authority, in turn, informed the Holy See.

After a rigorous and thorough investigation and having collected the relevant testimonies, the new authorities of Miles Christi, together with the Archbishop of La Plata, initiated the process of expulsion of Rev. Yannuzzi from the religious Institute. Eventually, the Holy See took over the process and arrived at the present result.

The decision made by the Holy Father implies that Mr. Yannuzzi can no longer exercise the priestly ministry, neither publicly nor privately. Moreover, he may not teach at seminaries or similar institutions nor at educational centers that depend on ecclesiastical authority.

All the religious and authorities of Miles Christi deeply regret the acts committed by their former Superior General and, from the outset, have accompanied and continue to accompany those who were affected, providing them with all the material and spiritual assistance necessary to cope with this painful situation.


Miles Christi Religious Order 

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