Day 6: When It Feels Like God is Silent

We pray. 

We ask. 

We listen. 


But we may not always receive what feels like an immediate answer from God.


But He ALWAYS answers.

Key Takeaways:

Practical tips to discern God’s plan for your life when you feel like he’s silent:

(1) Pray daily. 

(2) It is common to think we are going to receive a very clear answer. That is not the case. The ordinary thing is we don’t hear God’s voice in prayer. We are going to struggle to get clear feedback. But…

(3) Don’t worry when the message isn’t clear. Silence is normal.

(4) Figure out God’s will according to other tips such as the Commandments, Virtues to Practice, and Glorifying God

(5) Use these parameters to discern which path is the best path to follow God.