Day 4: Navigating an Adult Relationship with Parents

How can I respect and honor my parents while still finding my own way now that I’m an adult?


How can I appropriately help my parents trust me and my decisions?


It can feel like parents don’t understand more times than not, but there are ways to foster and navigate an adult relationship with your parents!

Key Takeaways:

How do I balance respect for my parents vs. my own freedom? 


How can I be respectful, but still exercise my independence? 


It is important that we respect our parents, but respect for parents does not mean obedience.


A couple of tips to making an adult relationship with your parents work:

(1) Follow the guidelines. Obey house rules if you live under their roof.

(2) If parents want to micromanage you, understand that they are also going through a transition. It can be difficult for a parent to stop worrying about their children. Be patient and understand they are coming from a place of love.

(3) Communicate!