Simplify Your Spirituality.

Introducing The Right Direction: A Free 6 Day Video Series Designed to Help You Understand Your Spirituality and Navigate the Doubts, Fears, and Uncertainty of Becoming an Adult

Life can be hard, we get that.


But through God we can find peace.


So, the priests of Miles Christi have put together a 6 Day Video Series designed to help you find your way and navigate the doubts, fears, and uncertainty of being an adult.


Topics include:

  • What Should I Do With My Life?
  • Having Patience for the Future
  • What To Do When It Feels Like God Is Silent
  • Navigating An Adult Relationship with Parents
  • Forgiving Yourself
  • Dealing with Failure and Success

Who is Miles Christi?

Miles Christi (Latin for “Soldier of Christ”) is a relatively new Roman Catholic religious order. This select group of priests and brothers are men of great heart, winsomeness, generosity, and dedication to God. They’re deeply moved by the love of Christ and committed to helping young Catholic men and women grow in holiness to fight the spiritually corrosive influences of relativism, secularism, and consumerism. The order was founded in Argentina in 1994. In 1999, two priests and a brother from the order were sent to America to facilitate Catholic renewal through the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola. The priests of Miles Christi provide spiritual direction and Ignatian retreats that create space for silent reflection where Catholics can hear the voice of God calling them into a transformative friendship with Jesus.

You Deserve to Find Peace.

We are hyper connected, but lonely.

We are rich with opportunities, but lack purpose.

We are stressed and anxious.

But God offers peace…


This 6 day journey is only 5 minutes a day and will help you learn to connect to God and start bringing a calmness into your life…