Day 5: Forgiving Yourself

It can be hard to forgive ourselves.


It can be hard to forgive others.


But in the context of God’s love for us, we can see that accepting forgiveness – and forgiving ourselves – becomes easy. 

Key Takeaways:



Many people have difficulty forgiving themselves. But why?


One reason people have a hard time forgiving themselves is that they know of God’s love, but are not truly aware that God loves THEM. 


So, take time to reflect on the fact that God loves and cares about you. He is your Father and wants you to have the best. 


Pray and meditate on this to truly learn to believe it. 


Exercise: Reflect on how much God truly does love you. Look at your life, health, family, friends, faith – and list the ways in which God loves you and has blessed you. Think of physical real examples. This gives you a foundation to realize His love and reflect on it. This will help you grow to practice forgiveness of yourself.