Day 3: Failure and Success

Success or failure. 

Failure or success.

People tend to view success and failure as mutually exclusive, but really they exist together. 

While we can rejoice in success, failure does not need to discourage us. 

We simply need to remember the merit of our efforts.

Key Takeaways:

We tend to view successes and failures as our own doings. We celebrate when we are successful…but how should we view failures and our shortcomings? 


First off, do not beat yourself up over failures. 


God sometimes allows people to be successful in their human undertakings, and He tests others by not being so successful. 


Sometimes when you fail, you must accept it. God is giving you an opportunity to grow when you fail.


Look at Jesus on the cross. From a human point of view, that is the maximum failure, but from God’s point of view it is a success. 


So remember — God is wanting you to succeed in your own way. 


Do your best. If it works or doesn’t work, God is watching over you.