High School Boys’ Summer Camp

Event Overview

Our Miles Christi Summer Camp is a six-day experience for Catholic young men to encounter Christ and one another in a fun, organic, and meaningful way through excursions, sports, and quality time outdoors.

Memorable Experiences

Our philosophy of the formation of the whole person emphasizes the importance of memorable and healthy experiences that challenge the body and mind. Campers will be able to enjoy 3 main excursions such as kayaking, hiking, water sports, paintballing, or others, which vary depending on the year.

Other activities include sports, recreational games, and enjoyable time on Lake Michigan.


We strongly believe in the importance of fostering natural authentic brotherhood rooted in supernatural charity through shared experiences.

Our goal is to create a fun, natural, sincere and charitable environment so that friendships can develop. Campers are also challenged to be responsible, to be disciplined, and to serve his peers.

In order to ensure this, campers will not be allowed to use phones and technology. See more details below.

Formation and Faith

Attending daily Mass, going to confession and spiritual direction, praying the rosary, having time for personal prayer, and hearing spiritual-formative talks provide the opportunity for campers to grow deeper in their relationship with Christ and help to reinforce and revamp their life of virtue.

We are blessed to have at our disposal the beautiful Holy Rosary Parish. This helps us to have a recollected place for prayer and a reverent celebration of the Holy Mass.


Holy Rosary Parish is a beautiful Church hidden in the Northern Michigan countryside that offers a peaceful campsite ambience, and has a convenient proximity to a variety of “Up North” adventures.

Holy Rosary Parish

6982 S. Schomberg Road, Cedar, MI, 49621

Phone: 231-228-5429

Interested in being a chaperone? If you are 19 or older and would like to help as a chaperone, please email us at infousa@mileschristi.org with the subject “Chaperone for High School Camping Trip” and we will contact you.

Other Information

Tents: Some tents will be provided by Miles Christi. This year we would like you to bring your own tent if you already have one. Please let us know in advance by checking the box in the registration form.

If you would like your child to tent with friends or other people you know, let us know your preferences and we will do our best to put them together.

Waivers: You will be asked to fill out and sign a Waiver of Liability and Medical Authorization required for the trip as well as waivers for excursions. You will receive this waiver in the confirmation email that is sent to you after online registration.

Electronic devices: In order to preserve an atmosphere of fraternity and contact with nature we ask the campers, please not to bring computers, i-pods, video games or any other electronic devices.

Cellphones: We will not allow the boys to use their cellphones during the camping trip, at any time, unless it is to communicate with their parents in case they need it. They will have to ask permission to do this. If they fail to fulfill this norm their cellphones will be temporarily removed.

Supplies Checklist*

__ Sleeping bag (it gets cold at night)

__ Pillow (if needed)

__ Extra blanket (if needed)

__ Flashlight

__ Clothes and shoes for sports and Mass

__ Swimsuit and towel

__ Old/cheap clothes for paintball

__ Hat

__ Sweater/jacket for the evening

__ Insect repellant

__ Personal toiletries, including medication and sunscreen

__ Water bottle

__ Rosary

For more information please contact Fr. John of God, MC at (248) 596-9677 or at infousa@mileschristi.org.


When & Where

Registration End Date

  • June 24, 2022

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