Boys’ Summer Camp
Eastern U.S. | Camp Michindoh

Event Overview

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Our Miles Christi Boys Summer Camp is a three-day experience for Catholic boys ages 11-14 to grow in faith and fellowship through prayer, sports, outdoor activities and quality time outdoors.

We envision this camping experience as a help to you as you strive to educate and form your son in the Catholic faith and in the love of our Lord.

Creating Memorable Experiences

Our aim is to create fun and memorable experiences for the campers that will also help them grow in virtue. For this reason, we will have many competitions in which the boys will have to learn how to work on a team and to push themselves to be their best.

Creating Lifelong Friendships

Throughout the camp we will strive to create an environment of brotherhood in which they will serve each other and have fun with each other. We believe that with the faith as a foundation, true, genuine friendships can develop in this natural, organic, and fun environment.

Growing in Faith

Our Catholic Faith plays a central role in our camp. We encourage campers to grow in their spiritual life and to come to know and love Christ on a deeper level. We hope that our love for prayer and the sacraments will be passed onto the boys.

For this reason, each day campers will attend daily Mass, pray the rosary, and have time for personal prayer. In addition, there will also be a few spiritual talks and times to go to confession.

When & Where

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