Do Whatever He Tells You

July 24, 2019 | Benjamin King, First-Year Novice

Miles Christi

“Do whatever He tells you” is one of the rare sentences that we have in Scripture from our Lady, and it is a command, or, at the very least, a strong recommendation. At the wedding feast at Cana, Mary found that the wine has run out and those in charge, not knowing where to turn, are given this directive from her. They turn to the Mother of Jesus, and as if the “Yes” was implicit, she only responds with these words.

What happened?

Jesus told her that His hour still had not come, in other words, the moment had not come to reveal His divinity publicly through some kind of miracle. But Mary, with her maternal heart, could not bear to see their friends, these newlyweds, covered in shame. She could not, and will not, let those who seek her aid be left abandoned.

So, invoking her all-powerful intercession, without another word, knowing that Her Son would and will always hear her pleas, she leaves the servants with this command: “Do whatever He tells you.

Too often we forget this power of our Heavenly Mother, or perhaps, we run to her but we don’t heed her response. She will always intercede for us, and her prayer will always be heard, but we must do whatever He tells us. If we follow God’s law and are truly docile to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit, the wine will never run out. God’s grace and His strength will never run short in our trials and difficulties.

Not sure what God has planned for you? Struggling to kick that bad habit? Trying to find the right words for that tough conversation? Go to Mary and be confident that her Son always hears her, and we must do our part.