Alleluia, Christ the Lord is risen!

April 12, 2021 | Miles Christi

“‘The joy of the Apostles was so great that they still could not believe it.’ (Lk 24:41). Now there was reason for joy, but their trepidation still remained. What had occurred was incredible, but it had truly occurred. Is it at all incredible now that the flesh of the Lord was raised from the sepulcher? The whole world has believed, and those who have not believed remain in their sins. However, for the Apostles it was indeed incredible then, and they were persuaded not only by their eyes, but also by their hands, so that faith might enter the heart through the senses of the body, and, having entered the heart, might be preached throughout the world to those who having neither seen nor touched have nevertheless come to believe without doubt.” (St. Augustine, Sermon 116)

We have great reason to rejoice, celebrating the radiant day of Christ’s Resurrection. On this day Jesus came back to life. On this day His divine mission, which, in the eyes of the timid, seemed obscured in the hour of the Passion, shone with confirmed splendor. He will remain as the eternal master of death, as the eternal owner of life. Yesterday, today, and for all time, as on the first Easter, Christ is alive and He is invincible. Let us make a firm resolution never to destroy the grace of God in our souls: and for this it is necessary to watch vigilantly and to pray daily and fervently. May His triumph be our triumph, and His glory our glory.

Miles Christi wishes a very happy Easter to all our friends and supporters, with the hope that all may be “clothed with the Risen Christ.” May this Easter find you and your family rejoicing in Christ’s victory over death, and filled with the glory of His Resurrection! Happy Easter!