A Patient Mother

August 27, 2020 | Miles Christi

Today we celebrate the memorial of St. Monica. Most of what we know about this saint comes from the writings of her famous son, St. Augustine. He was a sharp thorn in St. Monica’s side and the source of many tears for her. Tradition tells us that she spent many a night praying and crying for her son.


Monica is an example of relentless recourse to prayer for her son. At some point, a Bishop consoled her saying that, “The child of those tears shall never perish.” Indeed St. Augustine himself says that his mother’s prayers were what led him to his conversion at the age of 31.


As a priest I often get asked what to do when a loved one has left the faith. St. Monica always comes up as a great example.


Inspired by St. Monica, let’s discuss a few things we can do for our loved ones in need of conversion.

  1. Pray, always pray. Prayer is the best means of moving someone’s heart towards the Lord. Actually, conversion can only come from an actual grace of the Holy Spirit well received by the person. So, it is first and foremost an act of God, and so we need to beg him for it. Remember that God loves this person more than you do!
  2. Choose your battles. Some people are tempted to talk about the faith too much. They tend to “nag” about the faith. Please, no nagging! Talk about the faith when you really think there is a possibility that the other person will actually listen.
  3. Lead by example. Make sure that whatever truths of faith you want to teach are backed up by your actions. The evangelization by our actual actions is the most powerful of all. 

    St. Monica, pray for us!