“Our vocation of apostolic service, following in the footsteps of Christ … urges us on to this mission of conquest, for it is our Lord Himself who deigns to associate us with His work of redemption” (Const. 11).

Since its beginnings, Miles Christi has shown, by the grace of God, a steady and uniform development, having at present reached a considerable level of expansion. It is true, however, that the mission to which Christ calls us is “so vast that Miles Christi will never be more than a small apostolic army (pusillus grex – Lk 12:32)” (Const. 3).

In the United States, Miles Christi is located in the Archdiocese of Detroit and in the Diocese of San Diego, from which our religious members travel to many other areas of the country to preach the Spiritual Exercises and to minister to college students at their places of study.

Our Congregation has several religious houses in its country of origin, Argentina, in the Archdioceses of La Plata and of Mercedes-Luján, and in the Dioceses of San Luis.

“Incorporated into the local Church, we share its pastoral necessities … keeping ourselves open and available to the needs of the diocesan community without neglecting the religious and communal character of our Religious Order and its particular mission in the Church” (Const. 45).

The Novitiate and the School of Philosophy for Argentina are situated in the House of Formation San José de Luján (St. Joseph of Lujan), only a few miles away from the National Shrine of Our Lady of Luján.

Theological studies are pursued by members of our community in the Parish of San Filippo Neri, in Castel Giuliano (Bracciano, Rome). These students attend classes at the Pontifical Universities in the City of Rome. In this way, the future Priests of our Religious Order are given an excellent opportunity to absorb the Roman character (romanitas) and universality of the Church, and to grow in their closeness and love for the Holy Father.

Since 2005, our Order has also established a residence in the Archdiocese of Guadalajara (Mexico). Our priests preach Spiritual Exercises retreats for adults as well as for youth in that area; they serve as chaplains in elementary schools and high schools, and they offer spiritual direction in a private university.

Miles Christi, though small in itself, desires to be great and immense in its aspiration to total and definitive dedication to Christ, in the quality and fervor of its service, and in the purity of its intention”.

“A miles Christi (soldier of Christ) must have a great heart … A heart which, detached from all things of this earth, is prepared to go at once – at a word from his Superiors – to whatever region of the world in which his work is most needed” (Const. 26).