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Every Mass is celebrated for the Church and the entire world. But at the request of the faithful, the priest may add a special Mass intention, such as for someone who is sick, for a family member, for the deceased, in thanksgiving, or for some other personal need. This is the greatest gift you can offer a loved one, whether living or deceased, since there is no greater work than Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross.

The Holy Curé of Ars once said: “All good works combined do not equal the sacrifice of the Mass because they are the works of men, and the Holy Mass is the work of God: it is the sacrifice of God made by men of his Body and his Blood.” From the earliest days of the Church, it has been customary to accompany the requested Mass intention with a monetary offering, called a Mass offering or stipend. The Mass offering is not the payment for the Mass, since the Mass is of infinite value, but rather it permits the faithful to associate themselves in a particular way with the celebration and allows them to contribute to the temporal needs of the Church, especially those of priests.

In the Old Testament we see how the priests had a share of the animal sacrifices made to God (cf. Lev 2 and 7). This ancient tradition shows that the priest should in a certain sense be able to live from the altar, that is to say, from the goods that men have offered to the Lord.

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In Miles Christi we offer the possibility of requesting a single Mass, a Triduum of Masses (3 consecutive Masses), a Novena of Masses (9 consecutive Masses), or a series of 30 Masses for the repose of a soul, known as Gregorian Masses. For Gregorian Mass requests, please contact us by email or by phone. To request a single Mass or a Triduum or Novena of Masses, please fill out the form below. First select the Mass type. You can then request multiple single Masses by increasing the number in the box, or you can click the blue button to add a Mass request with a different intention.