Our plan is to have on one site:

  • Conference and Activity Rooms for Faith Formation groups and other activities for families and youth groups
  • Office space to carry out our day-to-day projects and activities
  • Parking lot
  • Temporary chapel for 50 people approximately
  • Expansions necessary for the existing Religious House for our Priests and Brothers and house of formation for the candidates to the Priesthood

The total estimated cost of Phase 1 is $2 million (this includes the payment of the property itself). This project comes with the full endorsement of His Excellency Archbishop Allen Vigneron.

Indeed, although we have not yet arrived at the desired goal of this first phase of the fundraising campaign (2 million dollars), the amount that we have already collected as of today allowed us to proceed with the site work.

The house that already exists on the property is being used as a formation house for future Priests and Brothers. It also allows us to conduct some apostolic activities on this property, while we continue to collect the funds necessary to pay off the total amount of the property and to begin with the following phases of the project.

Construction Video

Please contribute to the Property Project Campaign of our Religious Order, for the spiritual benefit of many families and many young adults!

Above all, help us with your prayers, to invoke the powerful protection of St. Joseph. Many people are praying the Litany to St. Joseph daily in order to unite efforts and obtain the grace of building the Religious and Family Center soon! Let us entrust ourselves to St. Joseph, and He will work with his powerful and effective intercession.